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MSRP: $725.00
36" Snow Blower$2195
2 State Snow Blower$2475
Dozer Blade$725
Rotary Broom$3195
Debris Blower$1970
Loader Bucket$1850
Operator Soft Cab$1795
Implement Hitch$1100
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Debris Blower
Debris Blower
Loader Bucket
Operator Soft Cab
Implement Hitch
Rotary Broom
Dozer Blade
2 Stage Snower Blower
36 inch Snow Blower
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36" Snow Blower
Just the right size for tackling sidewalks and driveways, the 36" Single-Stage Snow Blower mounts directly in place of the mower deck in a just few minutes. It throws snow up to 20 feet with its high speed, clog-resistant auger, even when working in wet, slushy conditions.

The discharge chute rotates 180 degrees, and is adjustable from the operator seat. A replaceable, hardened steel scraper provides good clearing action. A compact, powerful addition to your Walker Mower, the 36" Snow Blower keeps you working year-round.

2 Stage Snow Blower
Powerful two-stage snow blowers are available in 42" (MC, MD and MT) and 50" (MBS only) widths, and both throw snow up to 40 feet. Quick, easy operation is enhanced by a power lift and the ability to adjust the discharge spout 180 degrees from the operator seat. The optional Soft Cab (MC, MD, MT) is recommended to offer protection from the elements. Two stage snow blowers are one of Walker's most popular implements and extend the earning potential of lawn mowing companies to include the winter months.

Dozer Blade
Bringing additional versatility to the Walker are two Dozer Blades--46" and 60" (MBS). Often used to remove snow from sidewalks, they are also powerful loose dirt and gravel movers.

The Dozer Blades feature a five-angle positioning and a spring trip action for protection when hard objects are encountered. Both blades have a high-strength, replaceable steel edge. As with all Walker Mowers implements, mounting a Dozer Blade is a simple and quick process.

Rotary Broom
The Rotary Broom, with a 47-inch sweeping path and five position angle head is ideal for sweeping debris or light snow from hard surfaces.

The Rotary Broom does a great job of sweeping and removing gravel and debris from turf areas along roads, paths and playing fields. Down pressure is spring weighted and is adjustable for great sweeping action and minimum brush wear. The Rotary Broom is another way to extend the usability of your Walker commercial riding lawn mower.

Debris Blower
Another implement for the Walker Mower is the Debris Blower. Useful for landscape clean-up and leaf removal, the Debris Blower quickly mounts to the tractor and gives the Walker Mower owner full three season use.

The 13-1/2" Debris Blower delivers 125-MPH velocity and a 230 degree manual directional control. The same high quality construction found in each of our commercial mowers is built into this and each implement we offer. The Debris Blower is available for use on each model except MB and MBS.

Loader Bucket
A versatile tool for landscaping work, the Loader Bucket will push, scoop, haul and grade dirt, stone, gravel and mulch. It lifts approximately 180-lbs and 2-1/4 cubic feet of material, and features 14" ground clearance for transport. The Loader Bucket has a high-strength steel cutting edge with tilting action, and is powered by a 500-lb electric ram, and is available for use on each Walker Mower except models MB and MBS.

This hard-working implement adds great value to the investment made in a Walker riding lawn mower.

Operator Soft Cab
The Operator Soft-Cab is designed to shield the operator from winter weather when using the 42" Snow Blower, 47" Rotary Broom and 46" Dozer Blade. The cab features a hinged door for operator entry, glass windshield, electric windshield wiper and headlights.

A removable canvas flap attaches to the rear of the cab and covers the open area between the operator seat and top of the catcher box or dump box. The cab design allows the tractor body to be raised for maintenance. Available for use on Walker models MC, MD and MT.

Implement Hitch
Five implements mount interchangeably on the Walker Mower using the quick-change hitch system. The Implement Hitch replaces the mower deck and installs on the tractor in less than a minute. Implements then slide onto the hitch and lock in place with the flip of a lever for true “quick change” capability.

The hitch assembly includes operator footrests and an electric power lift. A switch raises and lowers implements and is quadrant mounted on the Forward Speed Control lever for convenient operation.